Construction Management

During construction In order to control the quality of the construction to be accurate and match the pattern Accelerate the work in time Control , the budget And prevent the reduction of material standards while the project owner are unaware or unexpected. Therefore must have a team Construction management To manage of coordinating the inspection of the building instead of the Project owner. The construction management team must consist of engineers, architects, supervisors. work together And Keep Awareness of each part of the Project that Come out correctly according to the Construction Design,Specification And Architectural & Enigneering academic principles.

Construction Management

By the duty of the construction management team

▬   Check the work of the contractor To be correct according to academic principles
▬   As a consultant to solve problems that arise during construction
▬   Accelerate and control construction work to be in accordance with the specified plan in order to complete the work on time.
▬   Check the progress of the work to consider payment periods
▬   Project budget management
▬   Check the materials and equipment that the contractor will use in the Construction work to get Standard as The Specification.
▬   Represent the Project owner in coordination with the contractor.
▬   Organize meetings and coordinate meetings Including recording the results of the meeting
▬   Inspect the safety of construction work for both workers and outsiders.
▬   Make a report to explain to the owner the details of the work and the status of the construction progress.

The rate of pay depends on the type and value of the project, such as

•   4-storey apartment building project using 1 structural engineer Work on the Construction Site 3 days a week and system engineer to Work on the Construction Site 1 day per week. Total Cost 40,000 baht per month.
•   5,000 square meter factory project, using 1 structural engineer Work on the Construction Site 6 days a week, system engineer Work on the Construction Site 1 day per week and project manager (senior engineer) Work on the Construction Site 1 day per week. Total Cost 80,000 baht per month
○○○ The Cost maybe vary as The other Factor such as Site Location , Construction Schedule or Any Condition etc. ○○○